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The Strengths of SPF "Manufacturing of Blades/Vanes"

We are a one-stop shop for machining and finishing blade-shaped products.
We are able to offer products manufactured with optimal processes based on our many years of forging experience.

One-stop service

Photo of Process Design


We have a number of forging facilities in various sizes from 250 tons to 9,000 tons of screw, hydraulic and crank types.
We perfectly respond to a wide range of forging shapes and customer needs optimally using different facilities depending on each product and process.

Photo of Forging

Photo of Machining


We have a large number of machine tools including machining centers specialized in processing the materials into blade/vane shapes.
Our possession of processing processes in-house feature reduction of waste between forging and processing processes.
We have been providing high precision products with good yield.

Photo of Quality Assurance