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Forging Business

Forging is a process in which metal is beaten in a forging press.
We specialize in hot forging, which is the shaping of metal heated to high temperatures.

Manufacturing Process

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Our many forging facilities and equipment enable us to manufacture products according to size and material characteristics.

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Heat treatment

Owns vacuum and atmosphere furnaces

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High-precision, high-efficiency machining facilities specialized in machining blade-shaped components

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In-house capabilities for key non-destructive testings
A Nadcap accredited company

End Use Application

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Aircraft engines

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Power generation plants


We specialize in the manufacturing of critical parts and highly difficult forging products, boasting the largest share of the blade and vane market in Japan.

Equipped with complete manufacturing capabilities from material procurement to machining and inspection, as well as a high level of quality assurance system and capability.

We ensure aerospace quality level in manufacturing forged products using titanium alloys, nickel alloys, etc.