(Aerospace / Power Generation / General)

Forging Products

We manufacture hot forging products,
including jet engine blades and other aircraft components that
require high functionality and reliability and turbine blades for power generation.

Products for Aircrafts


We specialize in forging and machining blade-shaped products.

We provide products for a wide range of engine sizes, from small to large.
Our products are also used in the latest engines that contribute to reducing Co2 emissions and environmental impact.

Photo of Products for blade-shaped

We have been providing structural components such as actuators and legs, to say nothing of wing-shaped products.

Photo of actuators and legs

Photo of actuators and legs

Photo of Products for Power Plants

Products For Power Plants

We have been supplying our products and turbine blades for power generation plants to heavy industry and heavy electrical manufacturers at home as well as abroad.
The products have been playing a useful role all over the world in power generation equipment that supports people's lives around us.
Our products are also introduced to turbines of power generation plants that use renewable energy, and above all, biomass power generation and geothermal power generation plants.

Products For ships

We manufacture blade products for diesel engine turbochargers, and products for diesel engines such as rocker arms and intake/exhaust valves.
In addition, we have the DNV certification which enables us to handle product classificaion examinations.

Photo of Products for ships

Photo of Others


Our products are used not only in the aerospace and defense industries but also in the consumer products market.
In particular, titanium alloy products are extensively adopted for such as automobile engine connecting rods (see attached photo) and medical equipment; stainless steel forged products are widely used for railway vehicles, etc.