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Sumitomo Heavy Industries(SHI)
SPF is a specialist of precision forging and metal injection molding (MIM) with many years of experience.
By those technologies and experiences, we can provide best solutions to a broad range of customer requirements.
SPF supplies precision forgings for heavy-duty use, such as jet engine blades and other components along with turbine blades for power generation that require high performance and reliability, and also supplies those for other use.
Our advanced facility, located in SHI Yokosuka Works, integrates all production processes under one roof — from forging and heat treatments to final machining — allowing us to cover a wide range of market needs including forged raw materials, precision forgings, and finished machined products. We hold roughly a 30 percent share in the Japanese market for aircraft-related forged products.
In the field of forged titanium alloy blades and forged nickel alloy blades for jet engines, SPF is the only one Japanese manufacturer with overwhelming shares.
Precisio Forging
 --- News ---
• SPF Awarded for " Special Contribution Award 2016"
  from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd..
• SPF Awarded for " GRIP(Good Relation Initiative with
  Partner) Activities" from MITSUBISHI Heavy
  Industries, LTD.
  (Nagoya guidance & propulsion systems works) .
• SPF Awarded for "IHI's Supplier of the Year 2014
  (Forged Material Section.)"
• We've had a creditation of AS/EN/JIS Q 9100
  in MIM production on June 2014!
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